We embrace walking alongside you on your path to healing, connection, and wellness.

About Journey Counseling & Wellness
About Journey Counseling & Wellness

We believe you are never meant to do it all alone!

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Women of all ages face challenges when trying to manage the “open tabs” or daily tasks in their life. Often the challenge is not so much the open tabs in the mind reminding you of the task to complete but the courage to acknowledge the support you need. At Journey, we believe you are never meant to do it all alone. We provide a safe and inclusive space exclusively for women to explore and heal from life experiences, reconnect their selves and the world around them, and take charge of their wellness.

Counseling sessions are guided by a holistic and integrative approach including person-centered counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, wellness, and culturally informed counseling. Person-centered counseling is non-directive therapy or talk therapy based on the belief that individuals have the ability to make positive changes in their lives. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is an evidence-based goal-oriented therapy that focuses on identifying and changing negative patterns of thinking and behavior that are causing an individual difficulty in her life. These methods of therapy have been clinically proven to help reduce anxiety and depression symptoms and work through trauma.

At Journey Counseling and Wellness

We listen to the voices of all women

We practice active listening and collaboration to foster a supportive therapeutic environment where women feel comfortable and heard. Counseling services are tailored to meet your unique needs and facilitate growth toward a happy, healthier you from the comfort of your own home with our HIPAA- compliant teletherapy software.